About Us

Indra Research And Technologies PVT. LTD. was founded in 2021 by professional analytical laboratory sales and service engineers team. Since then, we have grown as a company in Analytical lab instruments sales and services Testing lab business. But our mission remains the same: serve the scientific community and increase access to lab equipment. The costs of developing Analytical, biotechnology and life science products continues to increase, and the barriers to performing innovative and life-changing research seem to climb higher. We aim to remove those barriers and make it easier to shoulder the costs of R&D by providing founder-friendly, non-dilutive financing. Through leasing, you can extend your cash runway and preserve operating capital, allowing you to get the equipment you need into the lab while saving money for other areas of business. Our operating leases include comprehensive service coverage options as well so that you can have peace of mind the equipment is being properly maintained and serviced. Laboratories can take advantage of Indra Research And Technologies PVT. LTD. leasing program to achieve the financial and operational flexibility they need to create real lasting value without a massive capital budget. Being able to support scientists developing new technologies and find ways to help founders build their businesses in an intense and challenging industry is our passion. If you think our leasing program might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out.